Lucifer Season 5: Production to resume this September after the production was stopped due to pandemic

Lucifer Season 5: Lucifer was among the many TV shows that had to veritably stop time. the global COVID pandemic paused production in mid-March. However, now the Netflix series has penciled in a date to return to work.


When will the production of Lucifer season 5B resume again?

According to the Sources,  the supernatural-tinged procedural will resume production on 24 September that is Thursday. And at this time Lucifer will finish up the 16th and final episode of Season 5. The first half of season 5 was released on 21 August.


Once filming of the final season is covered, the team of Lucifer will segue directly into the start of production on its sixth season. The sixth season will be truly and definitely the final season.

The number of episodes in upcoming Lucifer season 5:

Till now we don’t have any update regarding the number of episodes in that final season of Lucifer.

Furthermore, Warner Bros. TV did not comment on the production timetable of the series.

Lucifer Season 5

More about Lucifer season 5B:

The season 5A of Lucifer Season is presently streaming on Netflix. Further, It consists of eight episodes. In Lucifer Season 5(B) we expect Rob Benedict also known as Supernatural‘s own God, as a mercenary who lands in the crosshairs of Lucifer, Chloe, and the LAPD.

Following is not a spoiler of any kind any longer yet here is a warning nonetheless. 

Being picked up with the titular Devil still lording over Hell, paving the way for his twin brother Michael to wreak a bit of havoc. 

Also, Chloe had to grapple with a shocking reveal. Furthermore, Maze discovered that Lucifer has been lying about something major to her for many years. Also, Amenadiel struggled with the truth about newborn Charlie. Linda revealed a dark secret from her past. And finally, Dan was used as a pawn in a popular scheme.


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