Lucifer season 5 schedule – when will part 2 be released? Tap to Know

Another season of Lucifer was on hold because of an outbreak of coronavirus, but now season 5, part 2 of Lucifer, is on the way now, and here we have a bunch of information about the show season 5 of Lucifer.


As per the sources, 40 percent of shooting the Lucifer season 5 is done, and only 60 percent is left. It some take long until we binge-watch another season and fall in love with Tom Ellis again.


Season 5 for Lucifer was released on 21st August 2020. The first eight episodes of season 5, which was the first part, was binge worthy and fans are getting crazy to see episode 9 of season 5.

When season 5 Part 2 will release?

Well, season 5 left on a dramatic cliffhanger. The final few episodes of season 5 were theatrical as Lucifer was shot, and Chole Decker was kidnapped. This all happened as Ella Lopez found out her new boyfriend, Pete Daily, was not what he seemed.

And after it was revealed that Pete was a serial killer and Michael was behind Chloe’s kidnapping. And everything leads to a tense ending of the show.

There is no official date regarding Season 5 Episode 9, but we can expect that it will be coming very soon because the film has started, and it has reached a certain point when we can expect season 5 Super soon.

Lucifer season 5

In a podcast, Tom Ellis said that they would go and shoot the finale episodes for season 5, and then it will be ready, and then they will shoot season 6. Continue and said that we could expect season 5 on Christmas for early next year.

One of the most exciting episodes in season five is sure to be the musical episode titled Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam, which has long been teased by the show’s cast and producers.

At DC FanDome, we finally got our first look at the driving installment, with a clip which sees Lucifer and his LAPD companions Ella, Dan, and Detective Decker perform a rendition of Another One Bites The Dust of Queen.


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