Lupin III: The First hits cinemas in North America next month

Lupin III trailer

Recently on Monday, an announcement was made by GKids that the film will screen as a Fathom theatrical event. Lupin III is a cocky gentleman who was first introduced in 1967. And the series revolves around the adventures of Lupin III. Further, the English dubbed version of the upcoming film will be available on 18 October followed by the subtitled version on 21 October. For more theatre details and tickets, you can check it on GKids’ site.


Lupin III: The First will hit the screens next month in North America:

Furthermore, GKids said that in December the film will be available for digital download to own. However, there is no date specified for the same yet. Not only this, along with an announcement, a new trailer was also accompanied. And hence we have got more details about the plot of the upcoming film. So there is a secret World war II treasure which is caused by not only by Lupin III and his friends but also is chased by a group of Nazis. Also,  the English version of the trailer is also available.


Lupin III

From the previous Lupin III trailers as well as the recent one, we can make out that the film was made for big screens. Just like the previous movies of Lupin III, the upcoming movie is expected to be thrilling and funny. Lupin, Jigen(Lupin’s sidekick), Goeman(samurai ally), Fujiko(rival) and Zenigata(archenemy) chase the diary and the treasure.

Surely, these characters have evolved since 1967. However, it is true that they have never been detailed this much before. Nevertheless, the characters of the movie are very engaging. Also if you’re looking for the dubbed versions of the recent teasers then you may watch them on Youtube.


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