Madonna Refused To Work With David Guetta Because He’s A Scorpio

Madonna is a very famous American singer, actress, and songwriter. She is referred to as Pop Queen. David Guetta is a French DJ and a songwriter. Overall he has sold millions of albums. Recently he got rejected by Madonna for work together.


Madonna Refused To Work With David Guetta

David Guetta reveals how much Madonna is interested in working with him. But when she finds out that David is a Scorpion she did not want to pair up with him. Yes, she canceled everything just because of the sun sign.


On Carlito and Mcfly’s youtube channel, he mentioned that He did a remix with Modonna and won Grammy for that. And Madonna even said that she loved the remix and suggested that he should produce her next film. It was super amazing. It’s just her and me. Very calm, very relaxed, and very cool. We have lunch. It’s happening. very good and you wonder when we start working together. She asks me for my astrological sign. I answer her Scorpio.

Madonna ,David Guetta
Madonna And David Guetta

But as soon as I revealed my sign she made a very weird face and said I’m sorry we won’t be able to work together. It was nice knowing you. Goodbye.

Maybe Madonna has some issues with scorpions. But according to Astrologers, scorpions are devoted and determined. Aso, they are hard to trust maybe that’s why Madonna called off the deal.

Apart from this David mentioned that he has enough new music for about the next 10 years.

He shared: “There’s nothing, zero clubbing here. I only stay at my house and don’t leave because I see a billboard of my club nights from last year. Therefore I stayed at home and made music only. But also I’ve seen many positive vibes that I’ve never been so creative, I’m doing track after track.”


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