Mammals: The new Amazon Series starring James Corden and Sally Hawkins

We are sure of the fact that you must heard of the name Jez Buzzworth. Well, he is starting a new Amazons series called Mammals. Before we delve onto the new series, let us talk about the writer of the series himself, Jezz Buzzworth. If you do not know who is he, be sure to watch his other scripts such as Spectre and Britannia.


The production will be starting this month for this new series. It has been said that the show will have James Corden who is obviously very famous. He is the host of the famous talk show The Late Late Show. It will also be starring your favourite arists such as Melia Kreiling who is known for Filthy Rich.


Mammals: More information about the show

We know that the show is bound to have amazing stars on it. But, people have asking around as to what is the plot of the show. Well, we have to inform you that even we cannot appropriately tell you what will be the plot of the new show. But, what we can tell you is that the writer has himself revealed that the new show will be dealing with the challenges of marriage.

Mammals: Corden will be ultimate star

The show has been created keeping in the mind the talent of acting which James Corden represents. He had recently starred in the show called Cinderella and the Prom. Corden has himself revealed that he has been a fan of Butterworth for a long period of time.

It was revealed by him the Butterworth once told him that taking on the task of being the host of Late Late was a ‘punk move’ and ensure that his next move must also be somewhat similar. Hence, we are excited for this punk move which can be this new comedy drama series.

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