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Manor Lords

All new medieval strategy was unveiled on Sunday named as Manor Lords. Developer Slavic Magic came up with an announcement trailer that went viral. The PC gamers compared the game Manor Lords to Banished, Stronghold, Total War and many more. The developer has planned to release Manor Lords in Early Access this fall.


The announcement trailer of Manor Lord  started with a realistic Medieval game such as Kingdom Come: Deliverance. But then we see that the game is a strategy game with the villagers building houses, trading shops and many more just like a Medieval Anno. Then we see that the trailer moves forward showing major battles with the group of archers and swordsmen showing it to be a fully sledged RTS.


The Steam profile of Manor Lords says that the game is featuring “deep, organic and realistic city building with large scale, tactical battles.” Deep and Organic mean that Manor Lord city buildings are going to be gridless, allowing full control over the placement and rotation. With realistic, they say that the complete game is in reference with XI-XV century in Europe. They are featuring grounded weather and changes in season.

Announcement Trailer: Manor Lords

However, the development process of the game Manor Lord is currently going on. The video shown in the trailer is confirmed to be pre-alpha. This means that the final game might be a lot more different than what is there in the trailer. The game is said to remain in the Early Access for 1-2 years.

Manor Lords will be released in Early Access fall 2020 for PC.


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