Maya And The Three season 1- Do we have an official trailer? When can we expect the new show to air?

The Book of Life director George Gutierrez uncovered a rich world for his coming Netflix animated show Maya and the Three Season 1. During an interview at Netflix’s movement office in Hollywood, Gutierrez reported that Maya and the Three will come back on Netflix in the late spring of 2021.


The cast of Maya and The Three Season 1 


There are no details our regarding any of the characters till now along with Jorge Gutierrez. There is no confirmation in regards to the cast and group of the anime as the director has said that they are searching for new talent. An ambitious venture like this requires a lot of skill.

Release date of Maya and the Three Season 1 

The release date of the Maya and the Three is said to be somewhere in Summer 2021. Netflix presented that at least 200 staff are working toward the occasion of its six forthcoming authentic sequences, and Maya and the Three is one of them. The director also told some sources that he’s locked on script development and casting. The assembling work of the Maya and the Three is in the works.


The plot of Maya and the Three Season 1 

The dreamland in Maya and the Three started when Gutierrez was just a youngster in Mexico City and he used to spend his evenings at the Museum of Natural History. As indicated by Gutierrez, even though, this dreamland is made of design, geology, and a pantheon of Mesoamerican Gods, it will be devoted to the Mesoamerican world. “It’s all fantasy, and I’m having a blast playing with the history,” he included. The show’s story will follow Maya across Mesoamerica on an excursion to discover three incredible warriors to help spare her kin. Some sources also said that Maya will discover “a Caribbean wizard, an albino archer, and a giant barbarian from the mountains”.

“A Caribbean wizard, an albino archer and a giant barbarian from the mountains- and if you break this down, it’s Dorothy, the scarecrow, the tin man and the Lion,” said the director. The show will be of 4.5 hours with 30 minutes of every episode playing individually.

Trailer for Maya and the Three Season 1

There is no announcement regarding the official trailer of the show till now.

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