Meet Michele Morrone, the Star of Netflix Film ‘365 Days’

Michele Morrone, yes the guy whose picture is drooled worthy, and who is flooding the internet after fans are “fan-gazing” this star. He became a popular sensation after his film ‘365 Days’ streamed on Netflix. This actor has blinded everyone with his charming personality and hunk body. His bad-boy character has attracted more audience which increased then viewership substantially.



This Italian actor expressed his love for India. He says he has received several offers from Bollywood and is looking forward to visiting the country. He talks about India with great enthusiasm. He typically went on saying about the rich culture, festive nature, and colorful background of Indian traditions. He also adds that he will need at least 10 bodyguards if he is visiting India as his smile widened!


This actor is all curious to start with the Bollywood drama. He was asked if he has watched any Indian film, and the answer was clearly ‘NO’. However, he said that he will start with Bollywood films soon.

Michele Morrone
Michele Morrone


365 Days has changed the life of this ‘overnight star’ for the better. Earlier the movie released only in Poland, the UK, and in Ireland. Later, Netflix decided to buy the rights and BOOM!!! 1 Everything changed! This actor was praised like anything, and after you watch the movie you will know why! His looks, character and the film obviously has changed the entire show after the movie landed on Netflix. Morrone said that now he could not even walk on the streets randomly.

Here is another good news for all those who want to watch more f him and his movie – 365 Days’ sequel is confirmed! But the actor said that nothing much is planned yet. This means that the current situations have affected the production of this movie, so we will have to wait for situations to go back to normal.


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