Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may not star in Netflix reality show anymore

Meghan Markle and Prince move to California to have a more private life, but recently, they have allegedly agreed to film a fly-on-the-wall reality show. They have signed a £112m Netflix deal.


Well, this isn’t the first time the Royal Family has been part of the world reality TV.


As fans of Netflix’s original series The Crown will know, the Royals in 1968 permitted BBC cameras to record their daily lives to make them seem more attainable to the public, but The Queen has since reportedly prohibited it from ever being shown in full.

The sources told that Meghan Markle wants the world to see the real her. So to show the world the real her, they decided to be a part of Netflix. As per sources, Meghan and Harry will be followed for three months, but it is not confirmed yet that the cameras will be allowed in their mansion or not.

Sources said that More of docuseries would be about their benevolence rather than what they get up to behind sealed doors. But it will be quite fascinating insights and the wish of Meghan that the viewers can see the real her can be accomplished.

In one of the interviews, Meghan Markle has said that there are very last chances that she will return back to acting. Meghan was seen in the legal drama show the suits, which was a big hit, and right now, she is not ready to come back on screen.

Previously royal family on screen

As we told you that this is not the first time the royal family can be seen on-screen previously in 1969, The Royal family was aired. The filming begins in 1968 in which the queen and her family went on holiday in their Scottish residence.

In some clips, we can see that the queen is buying sweets for Her son Prince Edward and having tea with her husband and eldest son at Buckingham Palace. In some clips, teenage Prince Charles can be seen.

This show was premiered in June 1969 and watched by more than 30 million people. But afterward, the Queen retains its copyright, and the show hasn’t aired since then. Queen also thinks that this was a mistake.


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