Memory Police: Release date, Cast, Plot, and much more!

The Memory police is a Japanese sci-fi novel that was released in 1994. In 2019 after so many years an English translation was made by Stephen Snyder.


Charlie Kaufman is thinking to make a movie or a series based on this adaptation. He will be going to team up with Reed Morano, the director of The Handmaid’s Tale. They will be making something on this.


Release Date

Till now only the conformation of the project has given by the makers. No release date or anything is out. But he expected Date would be in 2022 if all goes well.


No cast member has confirmed yet. But surely the creators might have something in there minds which will soon be out.



The plot revolves around a small Japanese island that is under the control of the so-called fake Memory Police. A sourceless force not known its origin is causing inhabitants forgets their everyday items like phones, hats, bags, etc or forgets them about their work. But whatever is happening not happening with each and everyone but later on memory police start removing those who remember everything and have a good memory after everything.

Spike Jonze-directed Being John Malkovich. He is very much famous for a unique blend of fantasy and a heavy dose of emotions.

Apart from this Morano has won the award for the Best Director Emmy. She won this for her work in the episode Pilot for Hulu’s dystopian Margaret Atwood. She also directed action thriller The Rhythm Section, which came out earlier this year and starred Blake Lively and Jude Law. Morano is an amazing adaptation based on the same name novel. You should read it.


No trailer has out yet as even the shooting is didn’t even started. As soon as the shooting will start a trailer will be out soon.


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