Michael B. Jordan Now Focusing To Create ‘New Universe’ Of Black Superheroes With DC

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is an American actor and also a producer. He gained fame from Fruitvale Station in 2019, Rocky sequel, and Black Panther.


Jordan’s focus is on the New Universe

Currently, Michael is focusing on creating a new Universe of Black Superheroes with DC. Before this, he did something for Marvel Universe with Black Panther.


Jordan will start with “Static Shock” as a producer; the feature project was first announced in August during DC fandom.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Jordan said he is really proud to be a part of the new Universe. That will be for Black Superheroes. He even mentioned that our community and fans deserve more black superheroes. About Outler society which is all set to bring life to comic book content. And it will be available for all streaming platforms. Apart from this, we are really excited about the partnership with Warner Bros and Reggie on the very first step.


Outlier Society is a Warner Bros franchise company and we are looking forward to the hopes as it will be a multi-platform franchise.

In 1993 a self-titled Milestone comic came into existence and at that time Static came. The milestone founded by Black writers and creators to make comics more inclusive. After which the company shutdown.

Michael will be the producer on Static Shock, an upcoming film centered on the titular superhero. And the company was created by Black artists and writers. The only goal was to make more diverse comics. The series was distributed by DC Comics.

DC Fan Dome has announced a new movie this year. Additionally, there will be a Static Shock digital comic series, starting in Feb. 2021.

Jordan is not a beginner in the genre of superheroes. He has worked really hard and all of it shows in the movie and the success.


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