Michele Morrone ‘s top 10 photos that will make you thirsty

Michele Morrone, gosh! Taking the name itself requires you to switch on the AC and have some water because the temperature is set all high! He is the latest hunk blowing the internet with all those pictures that make you drool. Even if you haven’t watched him on the screen you might by now know him as the “hottest male existing” in this world.


We could not keep them calm, so it is obvious that we have stalked him up and down, left and right. So you are here, about to view some pictures of the star that will are sure to make you drool and even ‘thirsty’.



Tall and fantastic

So here is the thing – You casually lead yourself to stalk this human’s Instagram and now you cannot stop staring. His is how you end up “fan – gazing”. How do you describe the man of your dreams? If we were to answer, after this picture we would simply say, “Like Michele Morone”!

​Setting hearts racing

This star has topped all-star trends. There is no list that does not include his name. He broke the fan following records of our previous ‘celebrity crushes’. From raunchy to a naughty category, you’ll find him everywhere.

​Daddy cool

Don’t let his looks supported with his wild character on-screen image deceive you. Morrone is actually a father of two adorable little boys Marcudo Morrone and Brado Morrone. Now, this was heartbreaking, but we will bear through it. Michele was in relation with Lebanese fashion designer Rouba Saadeh but broke up in 2018. You still see a chance, don’t you? Uhmm, okay next!

He is the whole package

Michele Morrone is a singer and an artist? How can a person be a full package? Now that we think about it, we also think that it should be a crime to be this amazing!

Sunsets by the seas

After his pictures by the sea, we got a little confused about what is more beautiful, Michele Morrone, or the sunset view! Now you know why this person should be on top of your check out list.


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