Michelle Obama talks about her relationship with Barack and reveals what initially attracted her to him

Barack Obama

Michelle Obama podcast: All of us love the Obama family, and here are some things that reveal by Michelle Obama about her and Barack Obama’s relationship, how she was initially attracted to him.


The podcast of Michelle Obama told us about her relationship with Barack Obama and told her how to make your marriage strong and your relationship real. She said that everyone should know how to fight.


She said that obviously knowing how to fight and knowing how to win the fight are two different things and it will take some time to find the balance in the marriage.

The former lady and Conan O’Brien talk about marriage and relationships and also how to communicate effectively. They turn their humor and told everyone the things they have learned from their relationships. And from that podcast, there are plenty of things that you may consider to learn.

Michelle Obama

In the podcast, the two of them also talked about how important it is to know yourself and the relationship and where you are standing in that relation. And by all this to let yourself grow. They say that to make sure that you use your voice for effective communication and do not let resentments pile up.

Michelle about her Relationship

Michelle told that the way they both fight is in the way the lawyers’ fight. She said that they both know how to win the argument, and both are lawyering ourselves to death.

She said they both need to learn how to fight because they both know that they are hitting each other very hard with their words. She gave some serious relationship advice and told everyone that you need to open and transparent about your relationship.

It’s raw and if you want to find someone and to stay with them, you need to be transparent and should be ready to make the commitments. And that is how you will find your Barack or Michelle Obama. she also told that because of this she fell in love with Barack.

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