Michigan movie theatres can reopen Oct. 9; gathering limits eased

Michigan movie theatres

Michigan movie theatres: In the afternoon of Friday the Gretchen Whitmer government declared that that the movie theatres will be opening again. We know that mostly all public spaces have been locked since March due to the ongoing pandemic coronavirus. So Michigan has decided that it is time to now slowly start unlocking them and ease gatherings.


These easing of gathering of people will be allowed in mostly all places now. They include not only movie halls but also cafes, adventure parks and even indoor climbing experiences can be continued now.

However all the owners of the business are directed that they maintain a record of people who are coming to their places. This would help to ensure safety and tracking them if anything goes wrong.



Michigan has decided after a lot of fine debates and discussions that the unlock will start from the ninth October. With the decision precautions have also been listed down.

Another challenge for the theatres is that what will they show on the big screen as most of the movies are still in making. Some have been even delayed to the next year due to the virus outbreak. So the theater chain consisting of a total of ten cinemas have decided that they will premiere the classic movies on the screen.

The action thriller Tenet which has been made and completed in this year only and New Mutants are among the film classics which will be shown. The latter movie is a horror movie. While the owners are excited about reopening of the business, they are also worried if anyone will really come outside and see the movies.


As we all know, wearing a mask would be absolutely necessary. Apart from this the people who will enter the premises of any public space would have to get their temperature checked.


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