Mike Wolfe Divorce: All About The Shocking Split

If you are someone who is into the world of Reality shows, then you must have come across the name of Mike Wolfe. He is a household name in the USA. This happened after his show gained a lot of prominence in the world.


Him and his partner used to travel around the world looking for people to be a part of their show. But, many people do not know much about the personal life of Mr. Wolfe. Hence, we thought that we should dedicate one piece to his personal life. This is also warranted since the news of the divorce have hit the grapevine.


Mike Wolfe Divorce: What do we know about it?

The name of his wife is Jodi Catherine Wolfe. It has been revealed that she has filed for divorce in the Williamson County. People have asking what is the cause of this divorce. The reason which has been cited by them is the rise of irreconcilable differences between them. Hence, she has filed for divorce. 

This came as a shocker for fans as Mr. Wolfe has gained a lot of attention through his show American Pickers. And the two have been married for more than 12 years. Therefore, announcing separation after such a long period of time is bound to shock people.

They have said that it would not be wise to continue their relationship further. But, it seems that they have opted for a very civilised divorce. They have asked for equitable distribution of debts and assets.

Mike Wolfe Divorce: Is he dating someone?

While Mike is heading for a divorce, it seems that he has a new woman in his life. It has been revealed that he is dating the model named Leticia Cline. Some publications have gone further on record to say that the relationship has been pretty serious.