Mike Wolfe Net Worth: How Much Does The Reality Star Make?

Mike Wolfe is known name in television. He is regarded as one of the most recognisable faces in the TV history and has made quite a name for himself. Mike attained a lot of popularity when he started to appear in The History Channel on his own show. This show was called American Pickers. It was just him and his pal who used to scour the entire nation looking for antiques.


There was no place which was left unexplored by them. They used to go to garage sales, antique shops, sheds and every length and breadth of the country looking for value in old items. This show was regarded as very popular and we all had fun time with the duo on their journey to rediscover the history of the place by looking for old items. Now, the show is not on TV anymore but the popularity of Mike Wolfe has not dropped.


Mike Wolfe: The television persona

There is a reason that Mike is so popular due to his presence on TV. The show had aired for 300 episodes and had over 22 seasons in its name. After the show came to end, he ended up signing a deal with Indian Motorcycles. Hence, this gave him a new angle to pursue and he took it home with him. He decided to make show about this journey and CBS was quick to react.

He had also appeared as himself on the hit show NCIS.

Mike Wolfe: Net Worth

Now, let us get down to the question that you have all been waiting for. As of 2021, it has been estimated that his net worth is about $7 million. His interest in antique started to develop as he was always a fan of vintage motorbikes. It led to him developing a career in competitive racing also.

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