Monarca Season 2 Something Intresting Is Here

Monarca is a Mexican series that is produced and created by Diego Gutiérrez. The story follows a billionaire tequila magnate. His family and he is in the corrupt world of business elites from Mexico. The scandalous and violent series premiere on 13th September 2019. Here are all the updates regarding Monarca Season 2.


Renewal Status

Monarca Season 2 is renewed officially on 24th October 2019. It was after a month of release of Season 1. After taking a time period of about a year the series was set to make a release in 2021 with a bang.


Release Date

The Monarca Season 2 was set to make a release on 1st January 2021. It is set to release on Netflix at 12:00 AM PT which will be 3:00 AM EST. And in India viewers will be able to watch it at 12:30 PM IST. For the UK people, it will be available at 8:00 AM and in Australia at 6:00 PM (AEST- Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Monarca Season 2

Cast Members

Here is a list of all the main lead members:

  • Irene Azuela as Ana María Carranza Dávila
  • Osvaldo Benavides as Andrés Carranza Dávila
  • Rosa María Bianchi as Cecilia Dávila Vda. De Carranza
  • Antonio de la Vega as Bernardo
  • Juan Manuel Bernal as Joaquin Carranza Dávila
  • Luis Rábago as Agustín Carranza
  • Regina Pavón as Lourdes Carranza
  • Dalí Jr González as Pablo Carranza
  • Sophie Gómez as Amelia
  • James Hyde as Martin Ross
  • Carla Adell as Camila Ross Carranza
  • Alejandro de Hoyos as Rodrigo Ross Carranza
  • Fernanda Castillo as Sofía
  • Alejandro de la Madrid as Ignacio
  • José Manuel Rincón as Gonzalo Carranza
  • Daniela Schmidt as Pilar Ortega
  • Gabriela de la Garza as Jimena
  • Marcus Ornellas as Jonás


Yes, there is an official trailer of Season 2 out on the official youtube channel of Monarca. You can watch it out and can also watch the series as it is already released.


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