Monarch: Susan Sarandon & Anna Friel to star


Monarch is the new series being created by Fox and they have announced the cast as Susan Sarandon and Anna Friel. Therefore, in this article, we are going to let you know all about the show. Plus, let us see whether we have a release date on the charts.


Now, people are wondering what is the show about? The show will show us the first Country music dynasty of America. We will be seeing the tale of Dottie Cantrell Roman who is going to be played by Sarandon. She, along with her husband, has created a music empire.


The meaning of her name corresponds to authenticity. But, the very foundation of her music is a lie. Then, suddenly, the heir to the crown senses that her stardom is at stake, so she swears to protect her family from all such problems.

Monarch: More to know

It is revealed that Hilfers will be the one writing and executive producing the show. While it has been revealed that Michael Rauch will be the showrunner and will also serve as the exec producer.

Now, we have to tell you that the debut of the show has also been announced. The show will be debuting on Jan 30th but it will continue on Feb 1.

The thing that has people excited is the excellent cast of the series. Susan Sarandon is an Oscar winner and a four time Emmy nominee. She appeared recently on the big screen in Blackbird. Further, it has been revealed that she will also been seen in the new John Kennedy Toole biopic. This new biopic will be called The Butterfly in the Typewriter.

Friel is also an accomplished actor. She is known for her role in the ABC drama series Pushing Daisies. Friel is also poised to appear in the new miniseries The Box.

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