Money Heist Season 5: Are Rio and Tokyo getting back together? Twist teased in the new picture

The production for money Heist season 5 has started. The shooting for season 5 of the most anticipated show of 2019 and 2020 had begun. We have no clue where Rio and Tokyo’s relationship is going. Will they get back together or not?


From the last four seasons, money Heist fans see all the ups and downs in Rio and Tokyo relationship and have no idea about where this relationship is going. But the new images for season 5 that came up recently shares raised the possibility of reuniting these two characters.


Are Rio and Tokyo getting back together?

From the starting of La Casa de Papel, viewers were immediately introduced by Rio and Tokyo as a couple. And after being met and enlist with (Álvaro Morte) professor for the heist, they both work quickly drawn to one another.

Throughout the two Seasons, they both group closure and head intention to get married. In the third season, we have seen that they have lived together on a tropical island before Rio gets arrested. And the break up when Rio returns to the gang.

Money Heist Season 5
Money Heist Season 5: Are Rio and Tokyo

After they broke up, the heartbreak can be seen in season 4, also as Tokyo was getting jealous when the bond Between Rio and Stockholm  (Esther Acebo) grew. Well, there was no exact resolution as Rio continue his deal, and Tokyo faced a bigger threat.

A new hint has been dropped off by Tokyo star Úrsula Corberó who posted on Instagram about the recent shoot of money Heist 5. She shared an image of herself and co-star Herrán. Both of them were in the uniform, and she captioned it, ‘Armed up to the breast, always. And tagged the Miguel.g.Herran.

Well, the image she posted was clearly a joking snap but many fans are predicting that they are getting close together in season 5 and are hopeful that they can see more of them as a couple.


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