Money heist season 5- every detail about its releasing, cast, plot, and everything you need to know!! 

Money Heist Season 5

Money heist season 5 – Among all the series, which choses the heart of all people is coming back with its one more sequel. Fan like me are enthusiast to know every detail about “Money Heist”. So, here we bring up all latest updates for you!


The Spanish Heist crime drama-“Money Heist” (or La Casa De Papel in Spain). The series was originated from Spain and created by Alex Pina. Unfortunately, One of the very best watch franchises were only obtained by instances. However, Netflix gave an order, dubbed the series into English.


The story focuses on an unusual group of robbers. They try to attempt to carry out the most perfect robbery in Spanish history. They planned so extremely unbelievable stealing of 2.4 billion euros from the ‘Royal Mint of Spain’.

When it’s going to release?? 

Some of the fans were unhappy. Though, it had been verified that there would not be some seasons coming but with support and petitions. So, Following the release of this season, the franchise is still to have a GREEN LIGHT!!

Let us say, if a GREEN SIGNAL is provided by Netflix to the series. Then it will release soon. According to reports, there is no announcement yet made about release date. Money Heist Season 5 might be release in mid of 2021.

Money heist Season 5

What about it’s Plot? 

As per the last seasons, viewers have now seen two separate heists. For a total of four parts, each spanning across two seasons. In the end of season 4, the first heist more or less went to plan. However, we can’t expect the same the for how we left things inside the Bank of Spain.

Also, Nairobi’s (Alba Flores) execution was a major riff in the closing episodes. Inside the bank even further shattering the core team and exacerbating the chaos. There comes the extraction of Raquel from the authorities. Though, they saw her dramatically re-enter the bank. However, the Professor was simultaneously discovered by Alicia Sierra, rogue police officer.

In the upcoming Money Heist season 5 and possible season 6 will share the same pattern. Their main focusing on a new heist all together, maybe even internationally too. But we first have to tie up the loose ends of season 4, for starting new. We could see Nairobi return, as the show loves to dabble in a non-linear approach to story-telling.

Who all will be in the Cast of Season 5?? 

In season 4, the viewers had seen crucial gang member Nairobi died. This doesn’t mean Alba Flores won’t be part of the upcoming season.

After they all seemingly exited the show, Berlin, Moscow and Oslo still re-appeared. In the same way, there could be more on the horizon for Nairobi. All other cast will reprise their roles in season 5 also:

  • Ursula Corbero as Tokyo
  • Alvaro Morte as El professor
  • Itziar Ituno as Lisbon
  • Miguel Herran as Rio
  • Jaime Lorente as Denver
  • Esther Acebo as Stockholm
  • Darko Peric as Helsinki
  • Enrique Arce as Arturo Roman
  • Makes Nimri as Alicia Sierra
  • Hovis Keuchkerian as Bogota
  • Rodrigo de la serna as Martin Berrote Or Palermo



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