Monster Garage Reboot Delayed

Monster Garage Reboot

The pandemic has lead to a pause in many films, series and what now. Now, a famous reality show Monster Garage has also been put to a pause. Jasse James has to wait a little longer in order to have a reboot version of the Monster Garage. This reality show has been put to a pause because of the Coronavirus pandemic.


In an interview, Jasse James made it clear by saying, “Monster Garage has been put on hold at least until the end of the month. Jesse says they already have an episode in the can, but they are in a holding pattern until the crew of about 30 people is safe to congregate on set.”


Jesse has no plans of restarting shooting anytime soon. He is currently having a fun time with his family at home. There are no plans of restarting shooting until everything comes back on track.

Monster Garage

Everything you should know:

TMZ has recently broken out the story about the return of Jasse with his show after a long period of time. Jasse is expected to showcase more wit and skills in the reboot version of Monster Garage as he has been gaining a lot of experience while traveling. He is returning with a bang on reboot version of Monster Garage on the discovery channel.

Jesse also revealed that when the restrictions of covid will be over, they will be all set to release the rebot version of Monster Garage. Till then fans have to wait for a longer time as execution of the show will still take a longer time. Monster Garage was expected to return in February 2020 but the Coronavirus Pandemic has led to the delay of it. This is everything we know so far about Monster Garage reboot. We will keep you informed on any further information regarding Monster Garage Reboot.


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