Mulan: A new poll reveals that people don’t want to pay $30 for the Movie

Mulan: – Well, there are many movies that are made but are not released yet. All due to the COVID pandemic. Either the theatres are closed or people more concerned about their safety don’t wish to go out. 


Mulan is one such movie. We have seen that the release of the live action-based movie is postponed many times. And now it is decided to release the movie on a streaming platform on the internet. 


Niki Caro’s Mulan has a budget of $200 million. Starring Liu Yifei as Mulan, the movie is the most expensive movie directed by a female. Since its theatrical release was delayed indefinitely, fans were curious to know when they will get to see the highly anticipated movie.

The movie is about a fearless female warrior named Mulan. How she saves her father by enlisting in an army is what forms the basis of the story.

There are more than 60 million subscribers of Disney +. If you wish to watch the movie Mulan then you have to pay an extra $30 above the annual subscription fee.


But now the question is Are people ready to pay $30 in addition to the subscription fee for disney+? Well if you wish to watch the movie with your family then you might find it quite reasonable. But  $30 is quite a large amount to spend if you are watching it all alone.

Though watching at homes will help you save the expenditure on popcorn as you can make them at cheaper rates at your homes, People don’t seem to be happy with this decision of paying an extra $30 to watch Mulan.

What are the results of the poll by Twitter and Variety?

There was a twitter poll regarding Mulan that if the viewers were ready to pay the desired rent to watch Mulan on Disney+. Out of 4195 respondents,15.4% were ready to pay. But remaining 84.6% believed that the rent was too high and did not agree to pay.

There was another poll by variety regarding the same issue. There were 93,751 respondents and out of that 85.3% were not in favor. Only 14.7% voted yes.

The premiere access of Mulan on Disney +would start on September 4. So are you ready to pay $30 above the annual subscription of Disney + to watch Mulan?


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