My Octopus Teacher is out on Netflix: Cast, Plot, and more

My Octopus Teacher

My Octopus Teacher is out on Netflix Cast, Plot, and more: My Octopus Teacher is a documentary film starring Craig Foster. It is an environment-loving film that follows the story of a man who falls in love with a mollusk and how that creature helps him to connect with his own humanity.


Netflix is home to films across the globe. It has given a worldwide audience to its movies, and now it brings us its first original South African documentary.


The plot of My Octopus Teacher

In the South African Kelp forest, a filmmaker delves into the underwater and develops a strange kinship with an octopus. The shy at first mollusk becomes familiar with the protagonist and shows some mysterious traits that eventually leads the filmmaker to an epiphany.

Watch the trailer to the film below.

My Octopus Teacher has released on September 7, 2020. You can now stream it on Netflix India.

Craig Foster, the starting and the only human character in the documentary had made many films related to the environment. His natural curiosity and innate daredevil qualities had driven him to strange and empyreal locations. He has scuba-dived in Okavango Delta where he spent time with a male crocodile. He has been into the deepest and the driest corners of the Sahara desert.

This film reflects how our pets and animals and by extension nature can also teach us things and become our teachers. One can learn the wonders and the mysteries nature possess by just looking. During the course of the film, the titular character becomes the source of enlightenment for Craig Foster and teaches him to become more in touch with his human side.


My Octopus Teacher Cast and Crew

Craig Foster as the leading role

Craig Foster as producer

Philippa Ehrlich as  co-director and writer

James Reed as co-director and writer

Ellen Windemuth as Producer

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