Mystery Lab Season 1: Should you watch the Netflix Original? It it worth or not? All details here.

Mystery Lab Season 1: It is a wonderful Brazilian documentary series featured on Netflix. This documentary explores the most captivating and beguiling mysteries in the world we live in.As we proceed into the episodes, it dives deep into the topic. The series is a magical blend that elevates knowledge and also engages in its trap of mysteries.


The cast of Mystery Lab Season 1


The host Felipe Castanhari knots it up all together accompanied by his lab buddies supercomputer Briggs, Dr Tavani and Betinho. Each of these characters shows up something distinct bringing about their frolic side. Betinho leaps to conclusions and is considered as the comedy icon. In contrast, Dr. Tav is all about scientific explanations. Briggs gives about the hard facts of the world.

Episodes of Mystery Lab Season 1

 Mystery lab is an eight-episode long series with host Felipe Castanhari and Bruno Miranda, Lilian Regina, and Guilherme Briggs.

The series gets to grip with different fun scientific topics in each episode. They explain the working of various concepts and reveal the misconceptions.



Ep:1 The mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

The first episode of the series reveals facts and myths about the Bermuda Triangle. Many airplanes and ships have been disappeared in this region.Castanhari along with his buddies defuncts the beliefs through a scientific explanation.

Ep:2 The 20 million Deaths

Episode 2 talks about the 20 million deaths caused by the Great Plague that lasted from 1665 to 1666. They discussed the science behind the spreading of plague rapidly from England to other parts of the world.

Ep:3 Learning how to time travel

The next episode talks about the technical possibilities of traveling to the future.

Ep:4 From wolf to dog

As Castanhari visits the  Wolf Sanctuary he examines how wolves are evolved into dogs and unwraps the history with canine companions.

Ep:5 Zombie apocalypse: was it real?

Felipe tries to defunct the story behind zombies. He tries to explain how it is almost impossible for humans to turn into zombies.

Ep:6 The Great Extinction

The crew investigates if the planet earth will face extinction and alike dinosaurs whether the humans will be wiped out from the planet.

Ep:7 The path to artificial super-intelligence

The seventh episode explores the world of artificial intelligence.

Ep 8: Global Warming: A big conspiracy?

The last episode acknowledges the biggest need of the hour. It brings into concern global warming. The threats posed to humans by global warming. It alarms people about global warming.

Mystery Lab is a well-made documentary that can be enjoyed by an audience of all ages. All the concepts are well-explained and answer the maximum questions that arise with a slight touch of humor.

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