Mystic Pop – Up Bar Season 1 Every Details About It’s Releasing, Cast, Plot And Everything You Need To Know

‘Mystic Pop-up Bar’ is a K-show set to release on Netflix soon. The show will air in South Korea on JTBC and the exacting title of the show is ‘Ssanggab Cart Bar’. The show depends on a webtoon ‘Ssanggabpocha’ composed by Bae Hye-Soo.


Release date:


‘Mystic Pop-up Bar’ will be accessible to stream in the US from May 20. The scenes will air week by week twice on Wednesday and Thursday, on Netflix.


‘Mystic Pop-up Bar’ is a housetop bar that opens just during the night. Wol-Joo (Hwang Jung-Eum) runs the baffling food-bar truck and clients who visit the bar are alive as well as comprise of the dead. While drinking liquor and eating dishes with Wol-joo, the clients of the bar talk about themselves and attempt to recuperate the injuries that they endured after some time.



Hwang Jung-eum – Wol-joo

On-screen character Jung-eum depicts the job of the bar proprietor Wol-joo who tunes in to the difficulties of each and every individual who goes to her puzzling spring up bar. Jung-eum is known for her work in the arrangement, for example, ‘She Was Pretty’, ‘Execute Me, Heal Me’, ‘The Undateables’ among others.

Yook Sung-jae – Han Kang-bae

Entertainer Sung-jae will assume the job of Han Kang-bae in the show. He is one of the visitors of the bar and hits a kinship with Wol-joo. On-screen character Sung-jae is notable for his jobs in ‘Watchman: The Lonely and Great God’, ‘The Village: Achiara’s Secret’.

Other cast individuals: Mystic Pop-up Bar

Choi Won-youthful as Team Leader Gwi

Lee Joon-hyuk as Department Head Yeom


The 12-scene show is coordinated by Jeon Chang-Geun who has coordinated different activities, for example, ‘The Package’, ‘What Befalls My Family?’, ‘My Bittersweet Life’, among others.


The mystery of the show acquaints us with the spring up bar and its proprietor who chooses various individuals consistently to sit with her and have a beverage. She appears to have some extraordinary impact on them and is a baffling figure. We additionally observe scenes that show the bar has on notable occasions also. So would this be like IU’s show ‘Lodging Del Luna’? We would need to sit back and watch how the plot advances.


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