National Geographic’s Weird But True Season 3 – Which Celebrities Can Be Seen? When Can The Fans See The New Season? Find Out Each And Every Detail Here!!

Weird But True Season 3: Weird But True is an educational family show that aired on National Geographic for two seasons. However, for the third season, it has now become a Disney+ original. This is the latest addition to the Disney Family after shows like The Right Stuff and The World According to Jeff Goldblum moved to Disney+ after its debut.


Here’s everything else we know so far about the third season of Weird But True.


When will Weird But True Season 3 premiere?

The third season will be available to stream on Disney+ from Friday, 14th August.

The shift of the show to Disney+ can be assumed to be due to coronavirus pandemic. The crisis has caused the streaming platform’s supply of shows and movies to run dry. So with the addition of Weird But True, which is a 2019 Daytime Emmy Award Winner for the Best Educational and Informational Series, it will most likely be interesting to learn facts about the world.

The third season will be getting a new co-host as Charlie Engelman. He will be joined by children’s entertainer Carly Ciarrocchi, instead of his sister, Kirby.


What will be the episodes count of Weird But True Season 3?

The third season of Weird But True will have a total of thirteen episodes. It will be a mix of unbelievable facts, arts and crafts, and real-time exploration that will excite the kids about the world around them.

The list of episodes of season 3 are as follows –

  • Episode 1: Dinosaurs
  • Episode 2: National Parks
  • Episode 3: Farming
  • Episode 4: Germs
  • Episode 5: Photography
  • Episode 6: Trains
  • Episode 7: Venomous Animals
  • Episode 8: Our Solar System
  • Episode 9: Cooking
  • Episode 10: Explorers
  • Episode 11: Scuba Diving
  • Episode 12: Camping
  • Episode 13: Rockets

What will the third season of Weird But True offer to the viewers?

The format of the show will remain the same even though the show may be moving to Disney+. The hosts of the show who are science-lovers, explore the ways in which our world works in a fun and curious ways.

The third season will be more interesting as it will be more imaginative in revealing the surprising facts about the world. The topics will be off-limit and will feature guest appearances from Nat Geo Photographers and Explorers. The special guest star of this season will be renowned astrophysicist Michio Kaku.

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