Netflix 2021 Emmys: Most wins by a steamer

Netflix 2021 Emmys

Netflix 2021 Emmys performance is something which will reverberate for times to come. It has managed to set a high benchmark for its competitors. The shows such as The Crown has ended up winning Best Drama Series and The Queen’s Gambit has won the Best Limited Series. Hence, the tally comes up to around 44 Emmy awards for Netflix.


Has any streamer won the same number of awards in the past? Yes, CBS won the same number of awards back in the year 1977. But, this did not come as a huge surprise for the people at Netflix. The streamer was assured a large number of awards based on the Creative Arts’ ceremony which took place last weekend. The performance of streamer on that day was also historic therefore, they expected a large number of awards.


Netflix 2021 Emmys: The way of life

Streaming has been on the rise. It is starting to become the most popular medium to consume entertainment. The companies have also shifted to producing content for the streaming platforms and not going for the conventional media.

Take the example of Apple TV+, which won the award for Best Comedy Series for Ted Lasso. For the first time in the history of Emmys, the top 3 awards for Best Series were won by streaming platforms. This resonates the sentiment that we are trying to portray.

In the year 2020, HBO managed to bag around 30 Emmys whereas Netflix came to around 21 Emmys. But, this time it is a major reversal as streaming services have been gaining. HBO Max was also launched the previous year.

Hence, the streaming wars are not over, they have just begun. Since the pandemic has began, the subscription rate of Netflix and all other platforms has gone up significantly. These wins also ensure that there is no dearth of quality content and streamers continue to push the boundaries of entertainment.

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