Netflix confirms The Christmas Chronicles 2 will be premiering in November

The Christmas Chronicles 2

The Christmas Chronicles 2: The best thing about the Holiday Season is the string of Christmas movies that comes along with it. Netflix has just released the trailer for the sequel of The Christmas Chronicles and announcing its release date.


As some of you might remember the first movie in the series revolved around siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce as they try to catch Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. However, this leads to the fragmentation of Santa’s sled. So the brother and sister duo helps Nick Santa in bestowing gifts to children and spreading Christmas cheers.


The Christmas Chronicles 2 has brought together the real-life popular couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn on the screen as Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Judah Lewis and Darby Camp have resumed their roles as Teddy and Kate respectively.

Release Date of The Christmas Chronicles 2

The movie will be available to stream on Netflix from November 25, 2020. The sequel is coming after two years of the original film which was released on November 22, 2018

The Director of the stupendous Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the   Chamber of Secrets, Chris Columbus has directed this film. The Christmas Chronicles was originally directed by Clay Kurtis and Chris Columbus was the producer of the movie. It looks like Chris wanted a more active part in the film and hence has taken the role of the director. He has also written the screenplay with Matt Lieberman.

Plot of The Christmas Chronicles 2

Since the two years Kate and Teddy saved Christmas, a lot has changed. Kate who was earlier a believer and optimistic has turned into a cynical teenager. She is reluctantly living with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend in Cancun. She is full of despair and decides to run away. But when a notorious troublemaker named Belsnickel threatens to destroy Christmas once and for all, she and her brother Teddy decides to save Christmas and together they go on an adventure.


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