Netflix Launches New Long Awaited Feature!! Check Out Every Detail Here

Netflix subscribers now rejoice as the streaming service has launched its latest innovation – the “Remove from row” feature. This feature allows the subscribers to remove certain titles from their ‘Continue Watching’ lists.


This list is from where you can catch up with your movies or series that you had to leave midway for any reason. Also, the Continue Watching list sometimes becomes overcrowded due to watching a lot of content. So now you are free to remove the tedious list.


The streaming platform has explained in detail as to how the users can get rid of something from one’s profile interface. So if you have watched a few minutes of any movie or TV show and have decided it’s not for you, here’s how you can remove it from Continue Watching list.

All you have to do is sign into the latest version of Netflix’s official app on Android and iOS devices. Then tap on the three vertical dots of the movie or TV show you want to remove from the list. Then select ‘Remove From Row’. There’s another way as well according to Netflix. One can remove titles from the viewing history, which will eventually remove it from Continue Watching.

Netflix Continue Watching list

From the pop-up menu, users can also rate the titles, download the next episode, and look for more info about the particular show.

This long-awaited feature isn’t time-consuming at all. Fast-forwarding through an entire season of something just to get rid of it from the ‘Continue Watching’ list or deleting from your watch history isn’t required anymore.

Such a small but undeniably useful feature was available to select users around two months back. But now it has been expanded to everyone. The reaction to this feature was big from the users and why shouldn’t it be. The mistakes that you do with the shows will no longer haunt you in the keep watching section.

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