Netflix Movie: Dragon’s Dogma Trailer Out Now

Dragon’s Dogma is the talk of the town nowadays. The biggest streaming platform, Netflix is gearing up for its new original movie, Dragon’s Dogma which is creating a lot of buzz among people since the streaming service showed the sneak peek of the movie releasing its trailer. Read further to know about Netflix’s original movie, Dragon’s Dogma.


The trailer of Dragon’s Dogma released:

Netflix officially started with a series of web shows and movies including both Netflix’s original works as well as some blockbuster movies from the film industry. Recently, Netflix began trying its hands on anime series as well starting off with the premiere of Japenese Original famous animes. This made the way for Dragon’s Dogma anime to be greenlit soon. Therefore Netflix didn’t wait any time longer to release the trailer of this anime series which caught the eyes of a lot of people. The trailer showed glimpses of the entire plot of the show and the reason why the lead character of the show hunts for a dragon.


Release of Dragon’s Dogma on Netflix:

Netflix in the trailer of Dragon’s Dogma describing the show quoted, “After losing his home to a dragon, Ethan sets out to hunt it down once and for all. A pawn appears serves by his side and serves to protects his life. But the dangers that lie in wait for Ethan are beyond their imaginations, for when you fight a monster… you may just become one too”. The game is from the production of CAPCOM put into an adaptation of anime series. The production too tweeted about the same indicating that the show is scheduled to air on September 17, 2020. And the show is expected to have 7 episodes. With just the release of the trailer, the show is at the top of all charts and trending searches on all engines.


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