Netflix’s I’m Thinking of Ending Things- What characters are being played by which actors? When will it air?

I’m Thinking of Ending: Action, comedy, romance can give some excitement but horror stories give a thrill and kick to most of us. Once again we are here with a new story to discuss. Yes, you get it right. “I’m Thinking of Ending” is a novel who’s a writer is Iain Reid. In this amazing horror story of the novel, Charlie Kaufman directed a film of the same name as the novel. As the story of the novel is horror so we are going to have a cliff-hanger film.


And yes this thriller film will leave no stone unturned in giving you goosebumps. So you will have to hold your breath while watching the film.


The casting of “I’m Thinking of Ending” –

We are going to see the following characters in the film.
Jesse Plemons is going to perform as Jake
Jessie Buckley is going to act as Cindy
Toni Collette will act as Suzie
David Thewlis will perform as Dean

The plot of “I’m thinking of Ending” –

The horror story starts with a woman who meets a man in a club like a random person. That man gives her his contact number in a piece of paper. It’s the way how they started talking and come close very soon. This complete story is based on the way to take her on a trip to meet parents. Where the woman experiences many unusual things.

She also found that she were knowing their parents and him somehow. But she had no idea how to ask questions which were knocking her mind.

We just need to wait for some time and we are going to have a grand hit very soon. You just need to Stay tuned with us.

Release Date:

We are going to have I’m thinking of Ending on Netflix on September 4, 2020.

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