Netflix’s Love- Tiktokers are recording their reactions on the movie and it’s going viral

A generally unknown film has turned into a web sensation surprisingly fast, thanks to TikTokers, who are watching its initial scene for the first (and most presumably last) time. In spite of being released in 2015, French film Love is only gaining reputation for its graphic sex scenes.

Why? Since an entire group of TikTokers have found exactly how graphic they truly are and have taken to social media to share their stunned/horrified/outright confused responses while watching the film, specifically its initial scene. True to form, the initial scene to the 2015 film is an express sexual scene between the main character Murphy (Karl Glusman) and a lady we soon discover isn’t his better half.

The start, which we enthusiastically suggest not viewing with your folks (or in any open spot so far as that is concerned), keeps going for approximately three minutes and soon watchers find it is only Murphy’s fantasy. In reality, Murphy is asleep next to his sweetheart and wakes up by his crying son.


TikTok users didn’t disappoint with their ‘Love’ beginning responses. 

It’s been a long time since the arrival of the foreign film, and we should simply say you most likely never found out about Love as it doesn’t exactly has heavenly reviews.

However, Time Out London’s critic Dave London anticipated it’s prevalence with youthful watchers. “At long last, Love is more senseless than sordid, and even somewhat messy in its late – too late – love-filled minutes,” TikTokers he composed before including, “Teens will love it; mostly adults will roll their eyes.”Furthermore, teenagers are for sure loving it dependent on the recent videos which is flooding TikTok with some truly entertaining responses to the opening scene.

“How is that permitted,” one TikToker subtitled his video. Another equally stunned user subtitled her video, “How is this on Netflix!!! I’m terrified.” A third ringed in, “This is beyond me.”

Love is rated TV-MA, which implies it is intended for adults and is not appropriate for youngsters under 17.


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