Nevertheless, Season 1 Finale: Release Date and More information


Previously on ‘Nevertheless,’ Jae-eon finally asks Na-bi out again. But Na-bi tries a lot not to give in to her feelings. Considering that when she decided to give Jae-eon a chance the last time it did not work out well.




In the meantime, we saw Do-hook who was going all out to impress Na-bi. Given how episode 9 ended, let’s pray that Nabi and Jae-eon stay exactly how they are supposed to.  Far away from each other.

Based on the preview for the season finale, Nabi has been experiencing repeated nightmares. These nightmares may be related to her chance meeting with Jae-eon. This is a bit upsetting because she seems to be doing her best art-wise. Whenever she is with him, and she deserves to do her best at art regardless of her feelings for him.

Release Date

The season finale aka episode 10 of “Nevertheless” is set to be released on 21st August 2021 at 12 pm Eastern time on Netflix. It will also be aired JTBC network on the 21st before being released on Netflix. Korean viewers can watch the episode live on JTBC at 11 pm KST.

Where to watch Nevertheless

As we mentioned above, “Nevertheless can be seen live on JTBC and Netflix as it is a Netflix original series. Keep in mind that to see it on Netflix you will need to have a subscription.

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What to expect

In the upcoming episode, we expect that Jae-eon will try to mend his relationship with Na-bi. Nabi’s art exhibition is coming up. And we already know that Jae-eon will not even consider missing it for any reason. Do-hook will also be seen trying to win Na-bi over by giving her flowers but his attempts will probably not succeed. Because, despite Na-bi’s denial, she does have feelings for Jae-eon.

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