New Pokemon Coming In Legend Arceus- Leaks Explained

Pokemon  Legends Arceus Leks have been one of the most searched term in gaming community. So we’ve managed to gather some interesting information about it.


The Pokemon Presents showcase managed to get the gaming community excited after they gave a sneak-peek into the highly anticipated Diamond & Pearl remarks. They even confirmed that the makers are going to launch a completely New game i.e. Pokemon Legends Arceus.



Pokemon- Legends Arceus:

Currently, a lot of leaks have surfaced on the internet and all players are going crazy over this new game. The most popular leak as far now is that the game will bring in all the iconic. Pokemon from the Sinnoh region. It also said that this open- world title is going to set in Feudal-era Sinnoh.  It is also rumored that the Pokemon Legends Arceus will allow players to have complete control over their game.

They can glide throughout the map with the help of their Pokemons. Another Pokemon Legends Arceus leaks claims that the battle system will be changed to an ATB (Active Time Battle). This type of system can be seen in other popular games like Final Fantasy.

It will serve as a nostalgic experiences for all the lovers of the past games. Arceus manages to keep the core gameplay the same all the while fussing it with branch new actions and RPG elements. Players will have to catch, survey, and research wild Pokemon in a long-gone era of the Sinnoh region and progress in their journey to create and complete the first PokA dex of this region.

Releasing of The Game:

The creator of Game Legends, Namely Pokemon Company, and Game Freak revealed that it will be released in early 2022. The exact revealed date hasn’t been come yet but it can be anywhere between January and April 2022. In the game, for catching Pokemon, players will be able to observe them in order to learn their behave, then use their sneak ability to aim the Poka ball and catch the characters.

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The main key to this story is the Game known as Arceus. It is known that Arceus has shaped all there in this world and universe. So how is Arceus connected to the story of this game, It can only be found out when the game releases.

Apart from this, the makers have currently been working on their another popular mobile game Pokemon Go.

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