New ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 photos hint the return to a familiar ‘Star Wars’ locale

Here’s great news for all the Mandalorians and star war lovers- the season 2 for The Mandalorian is releasing soon.


And this time with even more excitement and thrill.


Read below when and other details

About The Mandalorian Season One

Star Wars: The Mandalorian is an American space web television series. It was created by Jon Favreau and had been released on Disney+.

This series also made to the first live-action series in the franchise and world of Star Wars.

The Mandalorian is set five years later the events of the “Return of the Jedi”.

It was also set 25 years prior to the events of The Force Awakens.

The plot follows the title character, Din Djarin. He is a Mandalorian bounty hunter with his exploits beyond the reach of the New Republic.

This series was premiered on 12th November 2019 with the launching of Disney+ itself.

The first season of The Mandalorian contains eight episodes.


The series had received positive reviews and praise for the actions done and also because of the way it was directed and written. The music in the series was highly praised too.

It was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series.

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian has received 15 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards nominations including the actors and composers.

Jon Favreau on the Season 2

The showrunner Jon Favreau has revealed his huge great plans for season two.

The introduction of new characters and opportunities to follow different storylines have been clearly mentioned by him.

He had also mentioned the most captivating series of all time- Game of Thrones. Jon discussed how it evolved following the storylines of characters.

He praised the series – Game Of Thrones by calling it “very appealing” as the audience.

Jon Favreau had thrown some light that this season(2) would be introducing a larger story in the world.

According to him, it is something the audience will love to watch and has promised to bring a lot of scopes to the series.

Everything gets better and stakes get higher with the development of the previous story in a way, everyone is bound to love.

What can we expect to see in Season 2?

The first season was completely focused on the hunter Din Djarin and his young charge called as The Child (Baby Yoda).

With the progress of the show, the number of supporting strong characters was introduced but the “depth” of character was not explored much.

Now it seems like season two will be allowing the already existing cast with the new cast to flourish together.

Jon hinted it to be like Game Of Thrones, a personal storyline for each character, which got combined as a whole in the end.

Date of release

It is officially confirmed by The Mandalorian original twitter account that the season 2 for the series would be released on October 30th, 2020.

The wait is soon to come to an end.

Eagerly waiting?

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