Newegg giving copying of Kingdom Hearts 3, for PS4 with the purchase of death stranding collector’s edition

Now! This might sound strange to you, Newegg is offering free copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 currently with the purchase of Death Stranding’s lavish Collector’s edition for PS4. This seems to be a weird move but overall if we see then it’s really a great deal. The Collector’s edition is available for only $90. Death Standing’s Collector Edition was down to this price before also but it must be noted that it debuted in $200 at release last October.

The Collector Edition of Death Standing comes with a lot of physical goodies consisting of a BB pod that lightens up as a display on your mantel. Kingdom Hearts 3 You will also receive a cargo case modelled after the many that Sam lugs around the game, a Ledens Nendroid keychain, Steelbook case, digital soundtrack, and some in-game costumes.

Kingdom Hearts 3

The debut title of Kojima Productions had received good reviews from the users. Many might be interested in The Collector’s Edition especially the ones who have already played it and have loved the game. However, the standard edition of Death Stranding is available only for $24 while the PlayStation’s Days of Play Sale go on.

Newegg has rolled out the free copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 in more ways than one. Currently, you can claim the free copy of the game that comes with the purchase of PS4 Gold Wireless Headset which can be purchased for $70. It’s also the Fortnite Neo Versa bundle so it consists of an outfit for you in-game character and some V-Bundles that can be spent in-game.


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