Nightwatch Season 5 Episode 7: Release Date, Spoilers and More info

If you’re a fan of procedural reality TV shows, then you probably know about Nightwatch. The show was recently renewed for its newest season, the fifth season. Now, the next release is going to be episode 7 of the season. The show first hit the screens on 15th January, 2015. Since then the show has received wide acclaim for its subject matter. The people who do not know about the lives of EMT professionals should watch this show.


Nightwatch Season 5: Widely acclaimed

As we said before, the show has received wide acclaim. If you look over at IMDb, the show has an average rating of 8.8/10. Even the Google ratings point towards the same acclaim. Due to this acclaim, the show has been renewed for the fifth season. In the era where paramedics and other medical staff are out there risking their life everyday, it seems this is the perfect show to watch to appreciate their hardwork.


Nightwatch Season 5: What do we need to know?

The show is set in New Orleans. It revolves around the lives of the emergency responders of the city. In every episode, we follow the lives of these responders and see how their days are full of helping people survive a crisis. The episode which released last was called “Circle of Life”. It showcased how one of the EMT staff was preparing for the birth of his child. But, then we are shifted to different emergency situations which range from domestic violence victim, a trapped dog to a boy who was having seizures.

The next episode is titled “The Fire Within”. This is going to be a one-hour long special. It is going to air on 13th May, 2021. The episode will see the veterans recounting the various events that they had to undergo while on the journey of being an emergency. So, make sure you tune in to watch this amazing episode. People can stream the show on Amazon Prime.