‘No Time To Die’ Trailer: Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond with the new villain Rami Malek

Daniel Craig

No Time To Die: The new trailer for no time to die is released, and you can see Daniel Craig outing as James Bond. The film will be premiered in November, but its trailer is out now! So if you still haven’t seen the trailer of no time to die, you can watch it.


The film at first scheduled to be released in April, but due to the ongoing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film got delayed. So now we can see no time to die in November. November is a hectic month if we see when it comes to movies cause there are so many movies that are going to be released in November.


No time to die is going to release at the same time when Black Widow and the soul is going to release. Marketing and promotion of the film have been started before that film will release in November.

The new villain in James Bond

If we see the new trailer of the film, we can see that the story will shed more light on the new villain Rami Malek(Safin). Rami Malek Man Who is behind all the classic Bond plot and one who creates the mass destruction in James bond movies.

No Time To Die

It would be great and thrilling to see how the story and plot will take a fold because it seems like Safin and have a connection with Madeleine Swann. Well, the latest trailer of the film created a lot of excitement in everybody to see how the story on force and how Daniel Craig will play the James Bond role.

There is another thing that we noticed at the end of the trailer that says in theatres in November, so there are chances that we can see the movie only in theatres. Show the production house is keeping a keen eye on how a film will do in a theatre during this pandemic and how a film does on OTT platforms.

But anything can happen in 2020, so let’s see what will happen in November.

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