Northern rescue season 2- Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming show

Northern rescue season 2: The Northern rescue is a drama based Tv show which was started by CBC and was later acquired by Netflix. It has gained a lot of popularity and a lot of fans because of its heavy drama which makes the fans crave more of the show. People feel a sense of empathy while watching the show and that’s merely a complement to its amazing direction and storyline. So we are here to let you know all the updates about the upcoming season two of Northern Rescue.


Will there be a season 2?

After the release of the first season and its finale fans want more of the show in the future but the official sources have not confirmed that the show is up for season two. But the silver lining in this is that they also have not denied so we can assume that season 2 will hit the screens soon near in the future.




The story revolves around a family in which the lady of the house has died. The show shows us that when there are different kinds of people living under one roof, then things are not very easy to manage. This show shows us how the family copes up with the terrible loss and how they come close during the time. This cites a plethora of emotions in the viewers.

Release date and trailer:

Since there is no update on the renewal of the show, there has not been a trailer or a release date announcement. Fans are eagerly waiting for there favorite family to come back soon.

The cast of Northern rescue season 2:

This is the cast list of the stars on the show:

William Baldwin

Kathleen Robertson

Amalia Williamson

Spencer Macpherson

Taylor Thorne

There will be much more familiar faces in the next season.

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