Northern Rescue Season 2 When Will It Release? What Is The Cast? And Many More Information

Northern Rescue Season 1 premiered in March 2019 on Don Carmody Television and after some time it got a place on Netflix. However, it will be almost 2 years now, and here are all the updates regarding the Northern Rescue Season 2.


Northern Rescue Season 2 – Release Date

The Northern Rescue Season 1 released in 2019 and till then fans are waiting for another season. The makers have still not given a green light to another season which means the renewal status is still pending. The show might get renew soon as there are high chances of renewal as compare to cancellation of the show. Status shows pending which means still it has not yet cancelled which makes a road for renewal. The renewal will be announced soon and if might get announced then you can expect it in 2022 or 2023.


Northern Rescue Season 2

Northern Rescue Season 2 – Cast Members

As soon as the series will get a renewal these cast members will definitely be going to reoccur for another season.

  • William Baldwin as John West
  • Kathleen Robertson as Charlie Anders. Charlie is Sarah’s sister.
  • Spencer MacPherson as Scout West. Scout West is Sarah and John’s son.
  • Michelle Nolden as Sarah West. She is John’s deceased wife.
  • Amalia Williamson as Madelyn “Maddie” West. Maddie is Sarah’s oldest birth child.
  • Evan Marsh as Henry
  • Taylor Thorne as Taylor West. The youngest daughter of Sarah and John.
  • Sebastien Roberts as Alex. Charlie’s estranged boyfriend.

And apart from these, if more cast members will join updates, will be given soon.

Northern Rescue Season 2 – Where to watch?

You can watch the first season on Netflix. And as soon as the second season will be out it will be released on Netflix.


No official trailer has released yet, however, you can watch the trailer of Season 1 till then. And the trailer will be released when there will be a renewal status and a release date.


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