NSYNC and Backstreet Boys teased they are working together on something & fans are going wild


If you are a fan of both the same generation boy band: Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, then you came to the right place. We have garnered very exciting news for the fans of both the vocal groups. Delve in the post below to know more.


Backstreet Boys and NSYNC Collaboration Project

On September 8, the group member from both the group Lance Bass(from NSYNC) and Nick Carter (from Backstreet Boys) had unleashed an exciting announcement on their Instagram handles for a collaboration project, In their post, they had given several hints one of them was their get together for a special task.


Nick Carter And Lance Bass Talks On The Secret Project

On 8 September, Nick Carter had uploaded a picture with Lance Bass along with the written caption which stated as They were “Working on something Big”
Same this has been done by Lance Bass on his Instagram in which he had written as “Working on a little something” along with the caption there were several Hashtags which hints the fans a lot about their idea for the meetup, the hashtag reads #backstreetboysNsync, Comingsoon, one of them has also included a hashtag of his podcast, Perhaps more announcement will be made on the daily podcast.

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys and NSYNC Collaboration Project: Fans Reaction

Fans have gone wild over receiving the collaboration news from both the charming bands. They had filled over the comments section of both the respective band members with several questions along with expressing their excitement over the news.
It was a huge longing from their fans for a collaborative project between the two boy bands and for forming a supergroup together, Perhaps their wish will become true soon
There were some fans who were not believing in the predictions of their collaboration instead of, they were making prophecies over the appearance of Nick Carter on Lance Bass podcast. Although we hadn’t received any confirmation updates from both the bands, we hope it comes soon, until then stay tuned for more information.

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