October Faction Season 2: Is it canceled ? Why ? and All other details

October Faction Season 2: October Faction is the horror, supernatural American drama television web series based on the comic book The October Faction by Damien Worm and Steve Niles. The show is created by Damien Kindler for Netflix. Season one has already released and was rated 6.1/10 by IMDb.


Is there any confirmed release date of October Faction season 2?


There is no actual release date for season 2 but we can expect the show to come back in January 2021. By the end of this year, shooting will get completed. As soon as, there will be any update regarding the confirmed release date for season 2 we will update you.

Who all will be there in season 2 of October Faction?

The actors from the previous season will be returning and reviving their roles in the next season. There is no information regarding the cast yet.

Tamara Taylor as Deloris Allen
J. C. MacKenzie as Fred Allen
Aurora Burghart as Viv Allen
Gabriel Darku as Geoff Allen
Maxim Roy as Alice Harlow
Stephen McHattie as Samuel Allen
Wendy Crewson as Maggie Allen
Megan Follows as Edith Mooreland

The above-mentioned cast is expected to change as per the latest information.


What is the official synopsis of October Faction season 2?

According to Netflix, the basic plot of the story revolves around the couple hunting monster. But, Netflix adds more to it and says, “globetrotting monster hunters Fred and Deloris Allen who, after the death of Fred’s father, return to their hometown in upstate New York with their teenage children Geoff and Viv. As the family adjusts, Fred and Deloris must hide their identities as members of a secret organization, and they quickly discover that their new small-town setting isn’t as idyllic as it seems.”

The official synopsis as released by Damian Kindler reads, “I think we didn’t have the time or space in season one to unpack his entire story, but I think he’ll play a very big role in season two. He’s quite a cool and interesting, mysterious figure in season one, but he’s not featured as dominantly as he would be in season two.”

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