Official teaser released for the ‘Father of the Bride Part 3(ish)’, know more!

Father of the Bride

So here some good news for Nancy Meyer’s and father of the bride fans; Netflix teased all of the fans by releasing a trailer for father of the bride part 3(ish).


Nancy near earlier this month posted on her Instagram the photo of part 1 of the father of the bride and captioned it; he thought that wedding was a lot. How would he react to 2020? Coming soon.


A few weeks ago, Netflix also built up the excitement by posting a video hinting the banks family reuniting. Netflix gives us a hint that the bank family is reuniting by posting series of mail-in which there was matty’s wedding photo, and another video was posted on Netflix in which Matty courageous his dad to attend video calls. And caption it something is coming.

Father of the bride is a 1991 comedy classic film. The story is around George Bank (father), Nina (mother), Annie(daughter), in which the father reluctant to give her daughter away on her wedding day. A sequel followed the movie in 1995, and this Classic comedy film was a massive hit. And now and 2020, the father and the daughter are coming back.

Father of the Bride

Who will be there in part 3?

As per the latest teaser trailer, which was released by Netflix, here’s a list of the members who are returning:-





Kieran Culkin as son Matty Banks

George Newbern as a son-in-law

And a few special guests!

About the trailer

The first half of the trailer features the clips from 1991, the first father of the bride, and the second part of the film consists of clips of 1995. And in the last outside of the Banks’ house in 2020.

In the trailer, we can see how the reunion will occur in the present and how constantly panicking George is dealing with this pandemic. In the trailer, you Vigyan hair George saying I’m just washing my hands.

So if you still haven’t seen the trailer for the movie, let you can watch it on Netflix or YouTube. And let’s wait what 25 September 2020 has for us?


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