On the Verge: Coming to Netflix

On the Verge

Netflix has always managed to provide quality programming in the realm of comedy and drama. On the Verge is going to be one of those shows. This is the latest announcement from the OTT provider and it has been revealed that On the Verge will be coming to Netflix soon.


So, before we get on to the release date of the show, we have to tell you the plot of the show. The show focuses on the life of four women who are currently 40s. But, their lives are in flux. They are undergoing mid life crises and are experiencing things like relationship problems, parenting problems and many other things.


We have to say that it reminds us of other great Netflix shows based on the same premise. The first one that comes to mind is of course the movie Sweet Magnolias and also the movie Motherhood. You can say that Sweet Magnolias and On the Verge have similar story structures. Therefore, if you have watched any one of them, you can decide whether you like such comedies.

On the Verge: When is it coming out?

Now, let us talk about the question that people have been waiting for. Netflix has announced that the movie shall be coming out on 7th September, 2021. Since it is Netflix, be sure that the show will be dropping on 12:00 AM Pacific Time.

Further, it has been revealed that the current series will consist of 12 episodes in total. We have to say that the series boasts an amazing cast and consists of people such as Elisabeth Shue, Sarah Jones, Alexia Landeau, Mathieu Demy, Troy Garity, Timm Sharp, and Giovanni Ribisi. Many people do not know this but Julie Delpy made her debut on this show and currently serves as the writer.

Therefore, people are excited for this show to drop.