One piece

Is a Japanese manga series. manga is an Old traditional art form. It was adapted into An anime television series of the same name. The original manga series was written by EIICHIRO ODA. The series one-piece made its premiere in October 1999 on Fuji TV.



Since then the series has aired more than 960 episodes. it has been such a big hit that it has been circulated all around the world. ONE PIECE Is produced by TOEI ANIMATION. In viewer television ratings of Japan.

One-piece has always maintained the position to be among the top five and that to not for a week or so but this record has been maintained consistently. An expression per month I’ve made it the most popular anime Of the year.


The previous episodes have got the audience hooked waiting for what the new episodes bring forth to them. One piece 1006 is set to release as reported by SHONEN JUMP soonest. Also, The Date as far as we know it’s going to be the 7th of March 2021. It is expected that the chapter will be released at midnight according to Japanese time.

As of now, no spoilers for episode number 1006 are out. The reason behind this may be since the raw scans of the manga haven’t been released yet. However, we cannot hide the fact that there have been discussions on Reddit and anime forums on what might happen in the next episode. So,  what are you waiting for? go watch the spoilers by the time episode comes out.

DETAILS of The Show:

ONE PIECE Has been one of the longest ongoing anime series. By far it has successfully released 19 seasons. Currently, the 20th season is going on. By far the season has been released in 1005 episodes.

The latest episode was released on the 21st of February 2021. have you watched it yet? If not, go watch it now because The next episode, episode no. 1005 is all set to release on the 28th of February 2021.
One cannot doubt the success of this series only while looking at the number of episodes that have been already released and well have been successful too.

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Now, who in this world would like to miss such a huge success story created by a web series? definitely not you! So, prep up for the next episode, and well if you got the time before the next episode comes do not forget to watch the previous episodes too.

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