“One Piece” Episode 966 : Release Date and More


Toei Animation like continuously creating the 20th season of One Piece. As of now, we are within the center of the season. But, due to COVID 19, the show got a bit postponed. It has begun the 890th scene and it is still going on. The 20th season is separated into three parts.


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One Piece: Episode 966


As most of you know the season is right now appearing the story of Wano Nation. In this arc, we are seeing a connection between Pirates, minks, and Samurais. They are working together for the advantage of the Wano Country.

The adventures of Oden proceed in One Piece; let’s discover who they will experience next. In arrange to ride in Whitebeard’s ship, Oden pushed himself to restrainedrain, but the ocean gulped him up at the final minute. He floated ashore on an obscure island where he meets a lady. After falling in love with Toki, tandanad an infant boy named Kozuki Momonosuke. Roger received the news about the Samurai from the near Country.

Roger trusts to see that Samurai one day. Meanwhile, at the Land of Wano, Oden’s father, Sukiyaki, is feeling debilitated. He needs Oden to return before he passes on, and he wasn’t Oden to ended up the next Shogun. The news spread all over the Land of Wano that the Shogun Sukiyaki is in basic condition.

One Piece Episode966: RELEASE

Episode Title — “Roger’s Wish! A New Journey!”

Episode 966 is going to release on 14th March 2021. On Crunchyroll, and Netflix at 9:30 AM.

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Episode965: RECAP

In the previous episode, we saw that Oden’s Father needs him to be the next Shougun. Individuals from his kingdom agree that Oden is the correct choice. But, while Oden is away they need to think of a substitution. They all agree that Orochi can be the appropriate substitution till Oden comes back from his substitution.

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