One Punch Man Season 3- Is Saitama stronger than Goku? Everything you need to know about Season-3

Saitama stronger than Goku

Saitama stronger than Goku – One of the most entertaining and funniest anime series- One Punch Man is a Japanese action-comedy series. Its first season is directed by Shingo Natsuna and the second season Directed by Chikara Sakural. It is an adaptation of a webcomic version, written by ONE in early 2009s.
This story is about a superpowerful hero, Saitama, who has a special ability to defeat anyone with a single punch. But this makes him frustrated and he struggles to find a stronger enemy.

It is packed with some amazing fight scenes and spectacular animation. Viewers are now waiting for the Third season and the good news is that creators have given it a green signal. Here’s everything you need to know about One Punch Man season-3.

When will One-Punch Man Season-3 air?

Its first season premiered on 5th October 2015 and was dubbed in English in 2016. Saitama stronger than Goku  After replacing the production company and director, the second season aired in April 2019. We all were expecting the third season to come this year but its production work may get delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.

So we can expect season three to hit the screens in 2021.

Saitama stronger than Goku

One-Punch Man Season-3 Plotline: Anything about Saitama’s personal life?

The second season was mainly about Gorou. It covered the hardships he faced in his life and how he became a villain. Gorou had a mindset that he can accomplish any power by choosing the wrong path and becoming a villain.
It is expected that season three will continue with the battles of Gorou. Apart from Gorou, it can also show something about Saitama’s childhood and romance life.

Is Saitama stronger than Goku?

So the topic which is hugely debated will the Saitama of season 3 show his full potential. Will he be as powerful as Goku or even more. As per the arc projected in mangas (anime raws or sourcebooks), Saitama is yet to reveal his true power he even one punches the freaking monster king Orochi. Goku in his ultra instinct could dodge any attack whatsoever, he even overcame Jiren at full power. Now the main question can there be parallelism drawn between OPM world and DBS world. Because OPM still deals with earthly threats and DBS has god level threats. So seeing how Saitama one punches the “earth level threats” while Goku at his best can deal with god-level threats it is unknown who is more powerful.

As per fanfictions all around the world, Goku is projected to be the strongest but without knowing Saitama’s full power or his fights with god-level threats it is best left for fans to speculate.


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