One Step from Eden is now available to purchase on PS4.

One Step From Eden

Surprisingly, Humble Games’ award-winning game “One Step From Eden” can now be purchased on the PS4. Previously, the game found its fame on PC and Nintendo Switch earlier this year. The deck-building rogue like is now available on the network for the PlayStation at a cost of $20. This is great news for the PlayStation users who were waiting for this award-winning game and now they also get the chance to experience the game.


One Step From Eden has a collection of colorful and attractive characters which tasks the players with leading their chosen charge to the titular promised land.


You will have to build a really powerful deck with powerful spells, tools and attacks while you are battling out a host of opponents and boss characters in strategic and grid based warfare.

Here are some keynotes if you want to see your character winning the battle:

  • Master the art of movement,
  • Upgrade,
  • Enhance your abilities and
  • Get prepared to adapt the battle plan of yours at the blink of an eye.

Here comes the launch trailer of One Step from Eden:

One Step from Eden features nine characters that are playable, multiple paths and endings more than 300 spells and items. The game also features multiplayer modes and dynamic difficulty that adapts to the strategy of the player for keeping the battles more engaging and evolving in the real-time.

One Step From Eden is now available on the PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch.


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