‘Onward’ to release on Disney+ this october starring Tom Holland and Chris Patt

Disney Onward

Great good news for the Disney fans! Onward, an animated film that has the voice of the Marvel stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt is on the verge of its release. Everything related with this film is given below.


This film has been made from the iconic studio behind Toy Story, The Incredibles and Finding Nemo. It follows the story of two elf brothers and revolve around their journey as they attempt to bring their father back to life.

Their quest will take them on a journey to find the magic they need, encountering amazing mythical creatures along the way and ultimately learning valuable life lessons.

The names of two elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, living in the city of New Mushroomton. Ian is the younger one who lacks self- confidence while Barley is confident and enthusiastic.

The father of these two elf brothers, Wilden, died of a severe illness just before Ian was born.

Watch this movie if you love Disney and who doesn’t?

Join this journey to know their complete story.

When is Onward coming to Disney Plus UK?

Onward will arrive on Disney+ UK soon. The exact date of release will be Friday,2nd October,2020.

In the USA, Onward was one of the earliest films released early online in response to the pandemic. It was made available to purchase digitally from 20th March and landed on Disney+ just two weeks later.

Where to watch?

You can sign up to Disney+ for 55.99 euros a year, or 5.99 euros a month to watch the movie.

A digital copy of Onward is available currently for purchase on the Sky Store or Amazon for 13.99 euros.

Onward is available from video on demand stores such Sky Store, Amazon , Google Play and iTunes. It will be also available on Disney+ UK from 2nd October.

Onward Review

The film has received positive reviews and the plot is said to follow an unexpected path. The fantasy genre was praised for its freshness and hilarious plot. The love/ hate central relationship is insightfully drawn. The blend of comedy, action and underlying emotion proves unstoppable entertainment.

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