Outer banks season 2: release date, cast and oll other details

Outer banks season 2: The Netflix series Outer Banks follows a group of teenagers, known as Porgues, as they try to locate the hidden treasure in their hometown. There is another group of kids called Kooks, they are on a vacation and pose many problems to stop them from moving ahead.


It is a pretty short and sweet series,with only 10 episodes in the last season. It ended with a huge cliffhanger, now fans are crazy to know about its renewal and pretend they’re on an island vacation!


Let’s look at the updates we have for you

When will season 2 come out?

The production for the series has been renewed after quarantine. The new season is currently filming in their previous location of Charleston, South Carolina. There is no confirmation as of now when it will be completed but we can expect it to be out by mid 2021, at the earliest.

The cast of Outer Banks season 2

We can expect to see everyone who was alive in the last season. Chase Stokes, Rudy Pankow, Jonathan Daviss, Madison Bailey, Charles Esten, Caroline Arapoglou, Austin North and others.

Elizabeth Mitchell will be joining the cast in the new season, she will be playing the role of a compelling woman, with toxicity and menace underneath her, a long time charleston native named ‘Limbrey’

Outer banks season 2

Outer Banks season 2 plot

In the end of last season we saw John B framed for murdering Ward’s father. All the relationships are down and Wars ends up stealing the treasure. There are rumors about a new villain on the show and new mysteries.

There’s a lot left for season 2 to uncover. While we can expect some part of the show to be in the Bahamas, the audience can expect to see the resolution story between John B and ward.

While we await for the new season there are a few bloopers uploaded by Netflix to give us a few sneak peeks into the show.


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